To eat

Greek salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, caper, oregano, olive oil.


Cretan barley with anthotyro, tomato, rocket leaves, capers and oregano.


Chicken, mixed green salad with croutons, corn, parmesan flakes and ceasar sauce.


Tomato slices with mozzarella, basil pesto and balsamic cream.

Pasta salad

Penne, tri-color peppers, green beans, sausages and flavored mayonnaise.

Solmon salad

Smoked salmon, lettuce, rocket, orange and Philadelphia dressing.


Tender salad with dried figs, farmer cheese, cherry tomatoes and orange vinaigrette.

Roasted potato

Cream, peppercorn, yellow cheeses, bacon, parsley.

Vine leaves stuffed with rice

Mince meat, rice and herbs.

Eggplant patties

Keseri and feta cheese, bacon and herbs.

Squash balls

Feta cheese.

Pastrami patties

Raw leaf, kasser, pastourma and black sesame seeds.

Grilled oyster mushrooms

Marinated with white wine and garlic.

Pan fried chicken

Chicken fillet, mushrooms, onion, chopped with lemon on potato flakes and grated feta cheese.

Fried pork

Bunch of pork, mushrooms, green pepper, kefalotyri, white wine.

Chicken fillets

Stuffed with cheese, bacon and herbs.

Pork souvlaki

With potatoes and pies.

Chicken souvlaki

With flavored mayonnaise and pies.

Mentor tenderloin

Escalope wrapped with bacon and herbs.

Stuffed tenderloin

Tomato, edam cheese, ginger, pepper. Accompanied by potatoes, rice and pepper sauce.

Beef fillet

Grilled with pepper sauce.

Rib eye steak

Potatoes, rice, and spicy sauce.

Variety of meats

Burgers of beef and turkey, pancetta, tenderloin, sausage, chicken.

Saganaki of shrimps

Napolitano sauce, onion, pepper, feta cheese.

Shrimps linguine pasta

Linguine with napolli sauce and herbs.


Grilled with roasted vegetables and lemon balm.


Grilled with roasted vegetables and lemon balm.

Mussels with garlic

Onion, fresh herbs, finished with wine.


Beer batter and garlic sauce.